Bestuur stichting Afro Vibes: Pim Deul, Bob Meijs, Jolanda Spoel, Jade Melody Schiff
Artistiek leider: Jay Pather
Programmeur/curator Nederland: Marjorie Boston
Programmeur fringe/context: Tomas Leijnen
Zakelijk leider: Hans Lebouille
Marketing & communicatie: Ivana Zakova
Media & pers: Shaneequa Vrede
Productie: Bing Ie
Techniek: Vincent Romijn
Ontwerp/design: Cathal McKee
Webmaster: John Kist

Stichting Afro Vibes
Bezoekadres: Tussen de Bogen 66
1013 JB Amsterdam
T: 06 44 750 725
E: info@afrovibes.nl
Website: www.afrovibes.nl
RSIN / Fiscaal nummer: 8096.26.068
KvK nummer 34111727
SBI code 94997


The foundation has the following objective: ‘Organizing general and cultural exchange between the Netherlands and (South) Africa in the broadest possible sense and performing all further actions that are related to the above in the broadest sense or may be conducive thereto. ‘.

Policy plan (main lines)

Mission and purpose
The Afrovibes Festival’s mission is to present current African performing arts, to connect African makers with young Dutch makers and with the public, and thus to stimulate innovative artistic exchange. Afrovibes is also a co-producing festival that offers space for new co-productions in which African and Dutch makers work together. Originally the festival focused on South Africa, nowadays the scope is broader and the programming also focuses on Africa outside South Africa.

The festival focuses on makers in Africa and the Netherlands who are looking for innovative forms in the performing arts to translate the complexity of our modern society. Forms in which there is room for the maker’s own interpretation of history and the present and for new stories. What stories are told? By whom, in what form? The programming focuses on metropolitan cultural hotspots in Africa, cities with art institutions, platforms and breeding grounds for top talent and established makers. This responds to our audience’s demand for current performances from Africa and does justice to our ambition to show current artistic developments in Africa.