Afrovibes organizes cultural exchange between the Netherlands, countries in the African continent and the African diaspora in Europe. In an annual festival, Afrovibes shows work by contemporary African artists who artistically address current contemporary questions from an African perspective and who have an idiosyncratic vision. Their artistic insights could potentially give us new perspectives. About who we are, what we want to be, why we act the way we act, and how we are connected to each other. For us, this is a starting point in our programming. Each festival edition we highlight a specific region in Africa.

In an artists in residence program we connect African and Dutch artists to create and present new work in an international setting. Afrovibes brings together big names from African artists as well as emerging talent with the potential to become the big names of tomorrow.

The Afrovibes foundation was founded in 1999 by the South African musician and artist Vuyo Raymond Matinyana (1969-2001).


Board Afro Vibes foundation: Pim Deul, Bob Meijs, Simone Zeefuik, Jade Melody Schiff
Artistic director: Jay Pather
Programmer/curator Netherlands: Marjorie Boston
Programmer fringe/context programme: Neshon Venetiaan
Business manager: Wijnand Hollander
PR & communication: Daniƫlle Hielckert
Social Media: Ivana Zakova
Production: Charlotte van der Meer
Assistant production: Charlotte van der Meer
Technical team: Vincent Romijn
Design: Cathal McKee
Webmaster: Johnny Kist

Afro Vibes Foundation
Office address: Tussen de Bogen 66
1013 JB Amsterdam
RSIN / Fiscal number: 8096.26.068
KvK number 34111727