28 september  – 10 oktober 2021

Design and Creative Artsp


Every festival Afrovibes fives ample attention to design and fashion by contemporary African designers and designers in the program Design and Creative Arts. We invite African artists and designers who develop innovative forms and design elements in the field of design, fashion and design. The fourth edition of this program was in 2021. This is a short representation in words and images of the design and fashion program in Afrovibes 2021.

  • Jelili Atiku, performer and costume designer in Nigeria, made a new costume performance Èjì Ọ&yẹ̀ Ìpọ̀nrí II during a two-month residency at Afrovibes, in which he showed that we are at a tipping point in time, a breaking point in the world we live in, in which tensions flare up. In Èjì Ọ&yẹ̀ Ìpọ̀nrí II, Atiku explores with costumes and soundscapes how we can preserve our inner emotional resilience in our daily actions. The performance was to be seen in several theatres and in public spaces in Amsterdam.
    See the pictures: Jelili Atiku
  • Pak Ndjamena (Mozambique) designed the campaign image for the 18 festival edition. He sees art as a common language that makes communication possible, and sees art not in a linear but in a collaborative way. Pak Ndjamena was winner of the Mozal Arts & Culture Award 2019 Maputo, Mozambique.
    See campaign images
  • Fashion, the festival featured three fashion presentations. CruelWill reflected on our contemporary society with quirky clothing designs and encourages everyone to connect modernity and tradition in a metropolitan identity. Giorgio and Onitcha Toppin (Xhosa) gave a short presentation in a mix of street and formalwear in a dance-like performance. Students of PACT+ Dance in Amsterdam gave a fashion presentation led by Samora Esajas.
    See the pictures.
  • • The program presented the exhibition African Perspectives with work by artists from South Africa, Mozambique and The Netherlands. The exhibition explored how segregation and history in Southern Africa ed to artists’ efforts to rediscover their own identity in their work. With work by Dayyaan Hendricks, Gary Frier, Hloni Matjila, Josemarie Nyagah, Pierre van Vuuren, Seth Pimental, Sibusiso Nkosi, Sicelo Nene, Sinalo Ngcaba, Vivien Kohler, Zenande Mtati, Dean Hutton, Sakouzy, Patricia Kaersenhout, Judith Westerveld
    See the pictures of the exhibition
  • In addition, the exhibition had three video presentations

Over The Rainbow by Athi-Patra Ruga (South Africa) is about the decline of South Africa as a rainbow nation, what it has promised and not delivered. Athi-Patra Ruga dugs into the collective memory and national myths of South Africa and uses glitter and glamor as a response to trauma and sadness. See:

Kassaram by Thania Petersen (South Africa) shows how we still distinguish between groups of people by using exotic ‘orientalist’ images about cultural communities in the world. See:

Deus Nos Acudi from Pak Ndjamena (Mozambique) let us see on how beliefs, gods, rituals and cultural patterns are connected and used for social control over our bodies. See:

The exhibition and video presentations were exhibited in various theatres and Kunsthal Rotterdam


The Design and Creative Arts program has been made possible with a contribution from the Creative Industries Fund NL.