The Netherlands, Senegal, 2022
Performance Alioune Diagne

Amour (2) © Edwin Smits - programma
Amour (3) © Edwin Smits - programma
Amour (1) © Edwin Smits - programma
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In AMOUR, AMOUR, AMOUR, Alioune Diagne depicts in a powerful and intimate way what love can be. For him, love and life are inseparable. He takes his audience on a journey to his roots and to himself. Alioune Diagne invites you to participate and let yourself be touched by the enormous power that is love. He makes love palpable for us. Why? Because loving exercises and thoughts like gratitude are driving forces to survive. They are also the forces for him to make an impact on a world that sometimes seems to be on fire. Amour transcends cultural differences. It is a spiritual force and source of energy. Yet Alioune does not leave the dark sides unexposed. Such as the conflicting feelings you can have when your child leaves the parental home one day. Or when someone moves to another country with a whole new culture.

AMOUR, AMOUR, AMOUR consists of three elements, each representing a distinct perspective on love: Love as a spiritual force. Love as a source of energy that recharges us inside. Love that can coexist with separation. Diligently, he dances his solo, taking several people from the audience by the hand and invites them to enter and explore the performer’s space, which consists of bags filled with water suspended from ropes. For him, water is the symbol of connection between people.


Concept, choreography and performance: Alioune Diagne
Composition: Jorg Schellekens
Director: Leo Spreksel
Costumes: Jivika Biervliet
Scenography: Alioune Diagne
Images: Edwin Smits

Wed 4 Oct, 20H30