Nigeria 2019
Qudus Onikeku

In Spirit Child Qudus Onikeku bridges the gap between tradition and modernity and looks through the eyes of Azaro to the historical sides and tilting spaces of human existence. Azaro is a spirit child who is reborn, dies and returns. He wanders between the world of spirits and traditions and that of men, modernity and their suffering. Azaro refuses to give up the human world and searches for answers to the question ‘Why am I staying here?’ Azaro’s quest is a metaphor for Onikeku’s question ‘Why do I stay in Nigeria when I can have a less stressful life in Europe?’ Spirit Child is a meditative dance journey through dreamscapes accompanied by live music and inspired by Ben Okri’s novel ‘The Famished Road’.

AMSTERDAM | Compagnietheater

Wednesday 29 September, 19h00

ROTTERDAM | Zuidplein
Saturday 2 October,  20h00

UTRECHT | Stadsschouwburg
Sunday 3 October, 20h30

choreography, dance      Qudus Onikeku
music                                  Olatunde Obajeun, Ayodeji Habeeb Awoko, Abiodun Fabiyi
light                                     Matthew Yusuf
scenography                     Fernando Velazques
tourmanagement           Temitayo Oke
production                        The Qdance Company, Lagos