Mozambique 2018
Idio Chichava
In three choreographies choreographer Idio Chichava makes visible and tangible what what it means to live on the margins of society. It can lead to intimidation, betrayal, submission and violence. In Sentido Unico the movements of the dancers and video projections come together. The projections show the evolution of two bodies, their history and past and their current questions. The bodies of the dancers tell their story in a continuous dance, like the undulating infinite movements of the universe, performed with sensual body language. Sentido Unico deals with the intensity of living on the margins but is full of humour and irony, poetry and sensuality.
ROTTERDAM | Maaspodium
Wednesday 6 October, 18h30
Saturday 9 October, 20h30
AMSTERDAM | BijlmerParktheater
Saturday 10 October, 15h00

concept & choreography   Idio Chichava
dance                                      Mai- Júli Machado Nhapulo, Vasco Antônio Sitoe
light                                         Caldino
production                             Oficina da Dança
coproduction                        Converge +, Kinani en Yodine