South Africa 2010
Nelisiwe Xaba
Nelisiwe Xaba gives an ironic and politically engaged dance solo about a Black woman and her journey to Europe, where she is only allowed to stay if she becomes a museum piece for a while. This performance not only focuses on exotic voyeurism, but also points to the increase in xenophobia as witnessed by President Sarkozy (Sakhozi) in France who wanted to give Africans financial compensation if they went back to Africa.

Sakhozi says ‘NON’ to the Venus is inspired by the story of Sarah Baartman, a Khoikho woman from South Africa who was exhibited under the name Hottentot Venus in circuses and fairs in Europe in the 19th century. After her death, her body was exhibited in the Musée de l’Homme in Paris until 1974. Nelson Mandela asked France to return her remains, after which she was buried in her native soil more than 200 years after her death.

AMSTERDAM | Compagnietheater
Friday 1 October, 21h00
Choreography & dance Nelisiwe Xaba