5  – 16 oktober 2022

Amsterdam, Rotterdam en Utrecht

The 19th edition of Afrovibes Festival once again brings a program that shows the diversity and power of change in the African continent. This year our focus is mainly on West Africa and the West African diaspora in Europe. The choreographers, directors, writers, dancers, actors and graphic designers come from Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Guinea, Congo, Kenya and South Africa and from the African diaspora in France, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. This year’s theme is RUPTURE | RAPTURE. The intense pleasure and delight we get from our contact with others. And the disruption and rupture that can arise between people and cultures. It is the tension between encounter and disruption that Afrovibes is putting to the fore in her program this year. Many contemporary African artists work at the intersection of this tension which is often tangible. It is the proximity and often fierce history between West Africa and Europe that formed the basis for our programming of the 19th edition of the Afrovibes Festival. The discourse between artists in (West) Africa and the African diaspora in Europe was the guiding principle in selecting the artists and their work. It is an artistic response to the current conversations and discourse about identity, diasporas, decolonization and inclusiveness.