The Netherlands
Concept Jennifer Tosch & Katy Streek with Black Achievement Month
Jennifer Tosch (founder of Black Heritage Tours) and Katy Streek (theatre maker) look back at stories from colonial history and the role they still play today. They will talk with local artists and historians about Returning the Gaze, about breaking through dominant (white) stories and about the balance of power in which the viewer experiences himself as superior to the object of his gaze. They shine a new light on themes such as power, tradition and ownership. Their focus is on the colonial history of Rotterdam. This program includes an in-depth conversation and performances about traces of the colonial past in Rotterdam. The program focusses on local stories and on locations in the city that are connected with the history of the VOC and the role theatre can play in sharing these stories. This program is in partnership with Black Achievement Month.
ROTTERDAM| Maaspodium
Tuesday 5 October, 19h30

Concept         Jennifer Tosch & Katy Streek
                         ism Black Achievement Month