South Africa 2020
Lulu Mhlangeni
For Kganya (Light), choreographer Lulu Mlangeni found her inspiration in Maya Angelou’s coming-of-age story I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. ‘The caged bird cries out for freedom’ Angelou wrote. In Kganya, Lulu Mlangeni loudly shouts ‘Kganya’! But she rejects the naivety of a traditional coming-of-age story. Her three dancing birds are born with an omniscient gaze. They are dressed in bright primary colours and are lined up in tight rows. Until they revolt, leave their line-up, take off their costumes and dance to the light. Kganya of Lulu Mhlangeni is about love and betrayal, compassion and forgiveness, hope and truth. With colour, costumes and light, Mhlangeni takes us to a dance of rapture and pleasure.
ROTTERDAM | Maaspodium

Sat 8 October, 19h30

AMSTERDAM | Frascati Theater

Sun 9 October, 20h30


Choreography:                 Lulu Mhlangeni
Dance:                                Ipeleng Merafe, Khaya Ndlovo, Lulu Mlangeni,
Momo Matsunyane
Tour management:         Nonkululeko Thabede
Length:                               50 min