Poëtry and literature

Re Move all

Poetry Circle Nowhere is the first performance poetry group in the Netherlands. Their favourite sport is to look for their own borders and to cross them with creative experiments, in the theatre as well as in the street. Re Move All is the result of a creative exchange with the Sophiatown Ambassadors in Johannesburg, as part of the international theatre festival Contacting the World 2010.
Company: Poetry Circle Nowhere / director: Caspar Nieuwenhuis
Duration: 60 min. English. €12,-
Amsterdam, MC Theater / Fri 1 Oct / 8.00pm

Ticket Shop MC Theater: 020 606 50 40 (3.00pm - 5.00pm) or tickets via the ticketshop of Afrovibes/MC

Cape – Dutch rap poetry

Cape Town meets Amsterdam! 
Dutch performer-poet Krentenkoning (Claudio Ritfeld of Poetry Circle Nowhere) meets Capetonian poet-troubadour Jitsvinger. Driven by a passion for his native language Cape Afrikaans, Jitsvinger looks for creative experiments with spoken word artist and musicians. Claudio Ritfeld went to Cape Town for such an experiment with rap poet Jitsvinger.
Poetry Circle Nowhere (Amsterdam) & Jitsvinger (Cape Town) / Co-production Afrovibes & Poetry Circle Nowhere
Duration: 45 min. Dutch and Afrikaans spoken. €12,-
Amsterdam, MC Theater / Thu 30 Sep / 8.15pm / Sat 2 Oct / 8.15pm

Ticket Shop MC Theater: 020 606 50 40 (3.00pm - 5.00pm) or tickets via the ticketshop of Afrovibes/MC




There is a poetry event in the UK that will be at all venues it is called Verbalized. Please see below information on the event and times and dates to go under this section on the web.

A dynamic journey through Johannesburg, Leeds, London and Cape Town. Ten poets from the UK and South Africa create a unique one-off performance full of rich soul stirring song and explosive lyrical injection. Featuring Zena Edwards, Khadijah Ibrahlim, Kayo Chingonyi, Dzifa Benson and Avaes Mohammed (UK) and Mpho ya Badimo, Mbali Vilakazi, Naima Mclean and Bukekwa Basse (South Africa). British Council in association with Sustained Theatre, Speakeasy and Verse in Dialogue.

The Albany, London – Thursday 7th October – 9.15pm
The Drum, Birmingham – Friday 15th October – 9.30pm
Contact, Manchester – Thursday 21st October – 10.30pm